The GeoSword.

The GeoSword is a fighter craft designed by the United Galaxy Space Force in 2335. It is the player's craft in StarBlade and StarBlade Alpha, as well as a selectable fighter in Star Ixiom. It was succeeded by the GeoCalibur in StarBlade: Operation Blue Planet.


StarBlade (2335)Edit


GeoSword from StarBlade.

When RedEye entered the Federation's galaxy and locked-into a collision course with the mother planet, GeoSword was dispatched to destroy the mechanical-planet. However while en-route GeoSword ran into a group of RedEye's fighters. GeoSword was ordered to pursue them, and before long eliminated them. After defeating RedEye's patrol squads, GeoSword arrived and RedEye but, there were more fighters incoming, and GeoSword had to make it's way through the ravines, trenches, & passagess. After entering through an access passage GeoSword battled through RedEye to the central core and, destroyed the "Octopuss Reactor", but recieved a call from base ordering it to return. The last of RedEye's fleet was preparing to attack and the only thing left between it and the Federation was GeoSword. GeoSword managed to defeat the fleet and their flagship after some major work.

The GeoSword from Star Ixiom.

Star IxiomEdit

In Operation: Star Ixiom five alien races attacked the galaxy at once and a force of several Terran Fighters was forced to band together and face the alien threat. The GeoSword along with the Gaia and Dragoon J2 Hera Hilmar (Hera Hilmarsdóttir), were part of the strike force. The alien races Battura, Sadin, UIMS, Galaga, and Bosconian didn't stand a chance.

StarBlade: Operation Blue PlanetEdit

Although the GeoSword doesn't appear in StarBlade: Operation Blue Planet, it was succeeded by the GeoCalibur, a similar craft with slightly different weapon systems.

Hellcat Squadran Inferno Regime-Verse distant futureEdit

During the Regime War against Hester Shaw's Regime, all Terran Fighters were banded together to face the alien threat. The GeoSwords, along with the Gaias, Dragoon J2s and Dragoon IISes, the Regime, Shivan, Battura, Sadin, UIMS, Galaga and Bosconian had fallen, and Hester herself was deposed.


The GeoSword is armed with a double-barreled laser canon that regenerates every two seconds. It has several thrusters, and a pair of fins towards the back of the fighter.